Our Cause: Providing Hope for a Cure

What is cord blood?

Cord blood is the remaining blood in the umbilical cord and placenta after a baby is delivered. It is a rich source of blood-forming stem cells, an alternative to bone marrow transplantation in treating life-threatening diseases such as leukemia, lymphomas and sickle cell anemia. Cord blood collection begins once the delivery process is complete and both mother and baby are declared healthy. Cord blood stem cells are not the same as embryonic stem cells and are painless to donate.

What will your support of the Red and White Ball do?

GenCure is home to the Texas Cord Blood Bank (TCBB), the only state-sanctioned public cord blood bank in Texas. Since 2005, it has partnered with hospitals across the state to collect and store thousands of cord blood units from generous Texas mothers to create a unique statewide source of ethnically diverse, lifesaving cord blood units.


The Texas Cord Blood Bank is a critical link in the national Be The Match network and actively works to match Texas patients with cord blood donations.

  • Some 900 patients in Texas currently are searching for a lifesaving cord blood, bone marrow or stem cell match.
  • Since 2005, TCBB has worked with Texas hospitals to collect and bank almost 12,000 units for the registry.
  • Nearly 750 Texas hospital patients have received cord blood transplants from the network.
  • TCBB has provided some 400 cord blood units for transplant and supplied additional units for research.

Funding from this year's Red and White ball will help to fund GenCure's mission to increase cord blood donations through the support of two new TCBB campaigns:

born a hero_outlines-v3.jpg

‘Born a Hero’For Expectant Mothers

This campaign is designed to increase cord blood donations by engaging expectant mothers and obstetricians to raise awareness of the lifesaving qualities of cord blood and the public TCBB.

Cord Blood_Designs-v6-01.jpg

‘Baby Steps to a Cure’For Our Hospital Partners

This initiative is designed to increase the quality of umbilical cord blood collection in Central and South Texas by engaging hospital staff at participating cord blood collection sites.