Transforming Mobile Blood Donations Across South Texas

Proceeds from the Red and White Ball will help purchase a next generation bloodmobile for the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center.

The Foundation is in the third year of a major effort to replace nine aging bloodmobiles in the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center fleet.


In 2018, the Valero Foundation donated money to purchase a bloodmobile. The goal for 2019 is to raise $380,000.

So far, five bloodmobiles have been replaced, thanks to the generosity of community stakeholders. They were the oldest in a fleet where the majority have passed the average bloodmobile lifespan of 15 years and/or 300,000 miles.

"The blood and platelets are key to being able to fight, or he wouldn't be able to receive his next round of chemo or to have a transplant," said Aaron's wife, Carrie

New Bloodmobile Impact

  • Can collect platelets and whole blood donations

  • New electronic questionnaires completed on a tablet or computer

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art devices that measure the exact size of a donation

  • Monitors that provide videos about patients and STBTC programs

  • More fuel-efficient

  • Enhance the overall donor experience

Blood and Platelets Save Lives

Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2017, Aaron Brady required multiple blood and platelets transfusions while undergoing chemotherapy.

Aaron, a new member of the Foundation board, received a stem cell transplant in 2018 and is on his way to a full recovery.